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SAMUEL A. BUDIONO IS BACKAll ideas are basically good, like we are born geniuses like the theme of this year's ICAD, it is how each individual that possessed those ideas integrate, cut and metamorphose the thoughts into something wonderful. All in all, the talk was exquesite filled with lots of jazz music provided of course by the award-winning, jazz recording, hair always swaying, Samuel A. Budiono.

WORLD ARCHITECTURE CONGRESS SPEAKERMOne more architects Indonesia perform at an international forum. Samuel A. Budiono, M.Arch, BSAS, IAI who became one of the speakers at the World Architecture Congress held at Suntec, Singapore, 15-17 April 2008. Together with 20 other architects from around the world, Samuel A. Budiono presented his views on the development of architecture in the world.Samuel A. Budiono placed as the last speaker and the closing session of the World Architecture Congress on April 17, 2008. The speaker on the last day in a row it was Paul Noritaka Tange (Tange Associates, Japan), Bernardo Fort-Brescia (Arquitectonica, USA), Raj Rewal (Raj Rewal & Associates, India), Richard Hastilow (Royal Institute of British Architects, UK ) and Samuel A Budiono (Samuel A. Budiono & Associates, Indonesia). The presentation of Samuel A. Budiono titled Music Architecture subtitled When Music Meets Architecture, The Integration of Composing in Film And Designing in Architecture and Music Architecture Expression. During his presentation, Samuel A. Budiono said that there is an integration between composing in music with designing in architecture.

PEOPLE'S CHOICE AWARD WINNERAfter a tightly fough contest for the top spot, FAVOUR@CENTRAL in Jakarta designed by SAMUEL A. BUDIONO & ASSOCIATES, was announced as the Inside People's Choice 2011 live at festival's closing ceremony.

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