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In early November 2011, SAMUEL A. BUDIONO & ASSOCIATES received an award during the World Architecture Festival & Inside World Festival of Interiors 2011 in Barcelona, Spain. In the event, their work, FAVOUR@CENTRAL was bestowed with the People’s Choice Award 2011. Yet the prestigious award was not the first honor the firm has received. In fact, the architecture consultant that was first founded in the USA before spreading its wings to Surabaya and Jakarta has accumulated several internationally acclaimed prizes since its establishment.Among the awards are the Cityscape Architectural Review Awards for their project, The Range & Golf Shelter in 2007, the SIA-Getz Architecture Prize 2008 for emergent Architecture in Asia and the 2009 World Architecture Awards (WAA) for the Agropark project in Pandaan. Architects Samuel A. Budiono and Yatty L. Budiono share their stories on winning the awards and their experience in the architecture world to Esti Galuh Arini of Indonesia Design.Congratulations on your win in the WAF & Inside Festival…Thank you. It’s an honor for us to have the FAVOUR@CENTRAL project as a one of the winners in the event. We received the award on the fabulous night of the Inside Awards Ceremony which also marked the finale of the festival that brings out the best interiors from around the globe. It was not foreseeable that we could win the title while competing with the talented architects and interior designers from 35 countries during an international scale event. To make it even more awarding, the selection was done openly before a line-up of international judges where visitors could pick their favorite design directly.What made the design of FAVOUR@CENTRAL selected as the favorite?The architecture of FAVOUR@CENTRAL is a work that conveys a message through its formation of design. In the design I employed a metaphorical approach that provides an experience for observers who want to dig deeper behind the concept of creating abstract from expression. I want to offer a personal experience to worshippers through the rooms and circulation inside. It is a spiritual transformation and impartation through a dynamic process. What they feel is a living architecture that has a soul and is able to interact with the human beings inside. The expression that I want to deliver here is a ‘singing architecture.’Why music as analogy?Music is my prime. I have always lived with music because in addition to composing architectural works, I also design music. They both involve a creation process which is linked and inseparable, complementing each other. Music, which consists of melody, harmony and rhythm, is similar to the architectural elements of form, function and grid. Composing in architecture is like designing in music.What kind of music do you compose?Jazz. This is my kind of music, free and unstructured, full of spontaneity and improvisation. Jazz and freedom go hand in hand and provide a boundless spirit to create in the architecture world. “I see my architecture as jazz music, it is about freedom to explore new ideas.”What project are you handling at the moment?There are currently 2 ongoing projects and we hope to finish them by 2012. The first is the Stairway to Heaven project in Bandung where the name and expression of the design are related. Another is the MSCS School in Surbaya that has just completed its structural phase and is gearing towards the finishing stage. There is also a project for a music school in Jakarta which is now in the stage of acquiring permits and authorization.Are you satisfied with all of the projects that you have undertaken?Not yet. I am still hoping for the project of my life, in a scale that would let me drain all of my knowledge and give me a total freedom of expression. I will still dabble in the music world because that’s what keeps me young and stimulates me to keep honing my works as well as provide a soul to my architectural works.

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