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What are SAMUEL A. BUDIONO & ASSOCIATES’ latest projects? My ongoing projects under construction are Stairway to Heaven, MSCS, and IMI. The first one is 12,000 m2 Multipurpose facilities including Church + Chapel, the second and third one are Private School facilities and Music School facilities including Auditorium + Library. Another notable projects still in the design process such as United Nation iconic project, Corporate Office located at Central Business District, and high class Apartment + Hotel in gated community.Do you remember your first ever design job? My memorable first project was North Terrace Avenue Residence located at Historic Preservation District in the city of Milwaukee, Wisconsin. It was special because I met with the client through the love of jazz music. The client was a good friend of jazz pianist Ramsey Lewis and Ahmad Jamal who are my favorite jazz pianist too. In addition, the client was also the NBA club owner of Milwaukee Bucks during the golden era supported by great players such as Kareem Abdul Jabbar before traded to Los Angeles Lakers. The project itself was very interesting since located next to Frank Lloyd Wright and Louis Sullivan house design. After two years of intensive court and public hearing, my house design was finally built successfully. Makes me proud because my name was written as the house designer for the Historic Preservation City Tour introduction.Who do you consider as your mentor/role model? Why? My role model is Frank Gehry. I value highly his innovative and energetic contributions for architectural world. His spirit never dry out even at the age of almost 84 years. It is a challenge for me to follow his path and keep productive always for the entire life. Love his quote: “For the ones who are trying to create buildings, the hardest thing for them to understand is that if they don’t let their own feelings and expression come out in the work, they’re doing a disservice.” So the message from me: “Express yourself!” You are both an architect and a jazz musician, how do you find time for both? My passion in music and architecture are inseparable, they fill each other to perfect harmony!In other words, composing about architecture is like designing about music. So I will always find time for both since each discipline functions as a recharge to the other. To borrow the lyric of Whitney Houston hit song: “I Will Always Love Music and Architecture.”Does the music influence your designing process or does the architecture determine your music? To me, music and architecture influence each other to make both discipline become unique. Just like jazz legend Thelonious Monk said: “Writing about music is like dancing about architecture.” Because a great concert is never just about notes, any more than a great film is about frames and pixels. It’s about a feeling. And that feeling is what we devote our lives to chasing, and to making possible.FAVOUR@CENTRAL won the World Architecture People‘s Choice Award in 2011, what makes it so special? And what was the inspiration behind it? It so special because an award-winning that celebrates the best architecture and interiors from around the globe. More than 35 countries are participated at the event, making our winning entry a truly memorable experience. FAVOUR@CENTRAL is about the expression of singing and dancing architecture to convey a message to the audience, just like a song that leaves a lasting impression on the listeners. The use of metal and rattan weaving is used to achieve the fluidity and plasticity feeling as a progressive movement. Coupled with LED lighting that changes color at an interval, the walls appear to come alive as the light moves and dances following the songs that are performed from the stage. It is an architecture that bursts with animation and life, coming together as ‘a silent space for the poetic sense of life.’ In coming with designing ideas, do you have a certain ritual? Or is it more in the improvisation region? There are close connections between composing in architecture and designing in music. Both share the same philosophy, feelings, and rules in order to produce a good result. The process in designing a new building is very similar to composing a new song and producing new compositions for music albums. My music is jazz, since jazz and freedom go hand in hand. I enjoy designing dynamic and visually stimulating building as much as I enjoy improvising on my music. I see my architecture as jazz music, it is about freedom to explore new ideas.Can you tell us the most frustrating designing experience that you’ve ever encountered? And the most fun experience? The most frustrating designing experience is when ‘political’ issues taking part to the process. Suddenly, the action and reasoning become non technical. It is a sad fact that people try to turn me down for stupid reasons based on ‘political’ interest and nothing to do with designing in architecture. On the contrary, the most fun experience when people can see and appreciate my vision about the concept. To my surprise, the most understanding people are coming from simple backgrounds but have ‘big’ hearts to learn about something new.If you can build a home with absolutely no limitation, what would the house be like? The house to architecture is the opportunity to experiment and create. With the blessing of an open-minded client, it can be a chance to run riot with ideas and make concrete previously unrealized design dreams. But it is also the one type architecture that virtually every being on the planet has experienced in some shape or form. The house is the connection between the architect and the general public. It has meaning within all of our lives. Should be an inspiring design that has the ‘soul’ but still carries the warm qualities. Again it is about feelings that over power the materials. In your own words, who is Samuel A. Budiono? Samuel A. Budiono is an award-winning architect with the heart for music. He is also an accomplished jazz pianist & composer who has produced record albums. His musical talents give a lyrical touch to his architecture. Melodious forms, harmonizing with nature, and soulful rhythmic patterns are the characteristic of his creative process.Do you have any advice to the many aspiring architects out there? Express yourself!

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